A couple with their 6 children. Tinatin, 15 years old, Nikoloz 12 years old, Saba and Mariam (twin brother and sister) 10 years old. Nino 4 years old and Barbare 1 year and half year old.

The story of this family begins from 17 years ago with their first child when she was 2 years old and gets infected by Fibroma and Cysts disease. That time they decide to sell their house to provide sufficient money for her treating though it was useless and she died in that age. After that catastrophe the family realize not only they lost their child but they lost their home as well. For long time they were homeless, for a period of time they were living a lone in forest in/under cardboards. In the meanwhile, Gocha, the father of this family who was working as loader, couldn’t continue to his work because of his health condition. Two years ago a floodwater happens in the river near the place they were living and they even lose the cardboards. In that time when they had no shelter, people helped them to have a single room in a wood factory, as a house where they live now.

Within these years they tried to have child in their family in order to forget those dark years. Now and after a documentary report from a TV channel, people from all over the country come to them, to help them. They have a room full of products and helps that they received and the only thing that they need is a house. Gocha could find a job and he works as a butcher now. A very dark and painful days and years for a family and in the end, hope!

In this photo series I tried to show their life style, the way they live. Nikoloz and Saba every Saturday and Sunday go to the nearest church near their house to help the priest in the ceremonies and rituals. Most of the nights their neighbors and relatives come there to be with them, not to leave them alone.



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