Far from home

Far from home

"Far from home" is a portrait series of Russian Molokans and Doukhobors. Two small community with similar beliefs and story in two different tiny villages in the country of Georgia. Mokans and Dukhobors are Russians sect who formed Molokans in the 17th century. In the mid-1800s, Russia expelled them; therefore they moved to Armenia, then finally to Georgia and Azerbaijan. Nowadays most of their olds live in Davitaiani or Gravofka, and their Youngs have moved to Russia for a better life and job opportunities. The other Russian sect, Doukhobors formed in the 1600s and 1700s. Since they became a treat for the government, in 1839, Russia exiled their followers. Some of them moved to Canada, and the others went to Ninotsminda, in Georgia. Their villages called Gorelovka which most of Doukhobors are living there.

Molokans have a good relationship with Georgians. Their primary language is Russian. Their leader is a woman called Maria. After the Soviet Union collapse, Molocans left Davitiani because of infrastructural problems and economic crisis. Their livelihood is through agriculture and cattle-herding with low income. Most of them cannot go to Russia to visit their children because of access to visa in quite a hard way.

Doukhobors live in Gorelovka where two ethnic groups live together and can not stands with each other; Muslim Georgians, and Christian Armenians. Their populations have decreased. They developed and supported their life through agriculture and cattle-herding. After the Soviet Union collapsed, they did not receive any attention from the government; therefore they left the village and Armenians bought most of their houses. Doukhobors have a strict living condition in Georgia such as cold winters, no access to sweet water, gas and demolished road. Most of them have to work in Armenians land.

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