The lost identity

The lost identity

The lost identity reportage is an untold story of a tiny village in the country of Georgia where three ethnic groups live there and cannot stand each other: Russian Doukhobors, Muslim Georgians, and Christian Armenians.

Doukhobors, As a Spiritual Christian religious group that originated in Russia, they are unique in their practices of pacifism and rejection of modern materialism. This ideology led them to rebuff many Orthodox Church rituals in Russia, for which they were exiled in the 1840s out of Russia.  They developed and supported their life through agriculture and cattle-herding. After the Soviet Union collapsed, they didn’t receive any attention from the government, therefore left their village and Armenians bought most of their houses. Doukhobors have a strict living condition in Georgia such as cold winters, no access to sweet water, gas and demolished road. Their job is only working in Armenians land.

The village is settled down by Armenians who had moved here in the early 80s from high mountains and Gumri region after an earthquake. In 2008 Georgian government decided to settle down Muslim in another district to stabilize tensions between Doukhobors and Armenian, but they did not succeed. Doukhobors are still immigrating to Russia. They believe that Armenian would take this land forever. 

Muslim Georgians don’t have an acceptable condition in the village as well. They deal with a lot of problems in different fields. They lost most of their farmlands to Armenians and even cannot have their cemetery, though Doukhobors can have, this means they have to carry the dead bodies miles far from the village for burial. The useless complaints from Muslim Georgians to the government were a reason not to hesitate to find other opportunities in bigger cities and to leave the village.

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